No disease orphan - 2030

Orphan Diseases

Our approach to research and practice in health and health policy is interdisciplinary, participative and democratic. We favour collaborative research and co-design methods and tools.

Testing Centres

A list of testing centers providing specialized testing for specific conditions across the country can be accessed below. We are looking to add several more over time

Treatment Centres

Here are a list of treatment centers equipped with doctors and optimal facilities to help patients and families to deal with the disorders. We also hold a number of online sessions and camps where larger numbers of patients can access them

Patients / Families

We seek to provide accurate and credible information about Orphan Diseases to both patients and families. Health outcomes for our communities can improve when diverse elements of health systems come together.

News / Events

We design and implement informative and easy-to-comprehend health literacy material in print and digital media for health literacy programs, campaign and events.

About CHET

The Centre for Health, Education and Technology (CHET) was founded in 2009 to Humanise and Democratise Healthcare for All. The Centre has a special focus on outreach and awareness building on disorders that are underserved like Autism and Hereditary ( Genetic ) Disorders aka Orphan Diseases.