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Image Gallery Inauguration CHET participates in Dystrophy Awareness Day at DART, 2016 Dr Namitha with the kids Rare disease draft policy blue ribbon festival 2016 Dr. Usha Kini Prof Uma distributing medicines Dr Chandru lighting the lamp Blue Ribbon Art Camp 2017 at NGMA Bengaluru Dr. Latha Jaganathan Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy artboard Inauguration of physiotherapy […]


The CHET Team Dr. Vijay Chandru Hon. Director, CHET Professor Vijay Chandru (PhD MIT) has served on the faculty of engineering at Purdue University and now with interdisciplinary research in digital health at the Indian Institute of Science. An elected fellow of both the Indian academy of sciences and engineering, he is a distinguished alumnus of BITS Pilani […]

News and Events

News and Events News and Events Media Coverage Man procuring 117 oxygen devices with German friends’ help Thalassemia patients struggle with blood and lack of access to drugs during lockdown COVID19 restrictions hit blood donations Bangalore thalassemia patients fight for access to drugs U turn on national rare diseases policy Struggle with thalassemia Flawed approach […]

Patient Resources

Patient Resources Policies and Guidelines Policies relating to rare diseases are significant in its ability to transform patient lives. By formulating and implementing pro-rare disease policies; patients will be able to access quality treatment and care, better access to drugs and clinical trials, multidisciplinary care and psychosocial support. India is still in the nascent stage […]

Patient Voices

Patient Voices While we may have enough clinical information about rare diseases, it is equally important to listen to the life stories of people with rare diseases. Life stories are patient voices of what it is like to live with a rare disease and face everyday challenges. Patient voices chronicle their experiences and give us […]

Testing Centres / Geneticists

Testing Centres We’ve identified testing centres across the country to provide specialised testing protocols and services. We understand that patients and families have a problem accessing these services, since they are not widespread at the moment. Our hope is to widen this network steadily over time and make testing available to every patient who needs […]

Treatment Centres / Hospitals

Treatment Centres Over the past few years, we have built alliances and relationships with a number of doctors and institutions who have joined us in the effort to provide the best possible care and comfort to patients and caregivers.  We understand that there are enormous challenges ahead and we look to expanding the network consistently […]

Patients / Families

Patients We seek to provide accurate and credible information about Orphan Diseases to both patients and families. Health outcomes for our communities can improve when diverse elements of health systems come together. Our objective is to keep adding to the body of knowledge available and make it easy for patients and doctors to understand what […]