That's My Boy

Sandeep is a cerebral palsy special child since birth. Yes, he’s specially special to his younger brother and me despite his 80% diabilities. God gave us him! Here’s a tribute to celebrate darling Sandyboy, as we fondly call him, when he turned 30.

Senthi Meenakshi, Sandeep's mother

Three decades ago with Great Expectations I expected the arrival of my Special Delivery. When my Tweetie Pie was delivered it seemed like he had a notion of machismo that Boys Don’t Cry.

It became imminent to set in motion the wheels of Project Hope while prayed to let it not be a Mission: Impossible.

My Baby’s Day Out was not to Gosford Park or Jurassic Park or a stroll Barefoot in the Park or a Picnic at Hanging Rock. It was always a round of visits to doctors, be it a Dr. Dolittle or a Dr. No or a Dr. Zhivago. All the while my nerves would jump like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or I would feel like I was locked in The Panic Room. But, my Braveheart always showed True Grit, as though saying, “Carry on Doc. Catch Me If You Can.” Yes, Heaven Can Wait for my Man of Steel. After all, Diamonds are Forever.

He may be incapable of delivering The King’s Speech or sing a Melody like The Singing Nun or play a tune like a Fiddler on the Roof. However, his gurgles and shrieks of delight and happiness are like The Sound of Music to me. Even if he cannot run like a Marathon Man or play like the Crazy Boys of the Games or play Shaolin Soccer he’s undoubtedly The Champ. He cannot fight like The Karate Kid or a Warrior; albeit, he is protected by the amour and Armour of God. He may not have read a Toy Story or a Love Story, but he has A Beautiful Mind unspoiled by The Original Sin or any Resident Evil. He may not be a swashbuckler like Zorro or The Count of Monte Carlo, or have the extraordinary powers of Spiderman or Batman. Nevertheless, he’s my Superman.

He’s perfect to be The Candidate for An Officer and a Gentleman. He’s As Good as it Gets! He may never enjoy a Roman Holiday or travel to faraway cities like Chicago or Munich or Philadelphia or Casablanca. That doesn’t matter.

Even if Home Alone, home is Shangri-la. He will never know what it would feel like to be like Shakespeare in Love or date a Pretty Woman and ask her Shall We Dance? Never mind that. He has the Enduring Love of his brother and me. Moreover, Everyone Says I Love You to him.

He has taught me that life isn’t always a Road to Perdition, there are Paths of Glory too. I have learnt from him that Hope Springs unexpectedly and in the process he has filled me with a Quantum of Solace. He has helped me understand that to have a rainbow there has to be a little rain.

The Gods Must be Crazy if they think I’d give up my Boy Wonder for A Fistful of Dollars or For a Few Dollars More or even for all of Mackenna’s Gold.

I could Seven Times Seven say and Scream with Pride and no Prejudice that he’s a Million Dollar Baby. Yes, That’s My Boy, SANDYBOY!!!